4-Wheel Brake Service – Learn More!

  • Why do I need a 4-wheel brake service?

    By servicing your brakes you’re keeping the brake components clean and able to perform optimally in every situation, whether it is a panic stop or pulling into a spot at the grocery store. Ensure your families safety by performing a 4-wheel brake service.

  • What is included in a 4-wheel brake service?

    A 4-wheel brake service includes inspection of the brake calipers, wheel cylinders, brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, brake drums, brake hoses and lines, hydraulic system components, and fluids.

    Your Volkswagen Technician will:

    • Clean and lubricate sliders and mounting points
    • Clean the hub and rotor faces
    • Check and adjust the parking brake and apply lubricants as necessary
    • Measure and document all brake material thicknesses.
    • Road test for proper functionality.

    This service ensures smooth stopping, prolonged brake life and safe vehicle operation along with peace of mind driving

  • Price:
    • $214.99 + Tax