• What are some available services?
    • Scheduled Maintenance Services (per km)
    • Oil and Filter Service
    • Brake Fluid Flush Service
    • Diesel Fuel Filter Service
    • Tire Services
    • 4-Wheel balance Service
    • 4-Wheel brake Service
    • Wheel alignment Service
    • DSG Transmission Service
  • Why is Oil & Filter Service necessary

    The engine oil in your vehicle helps lubricant inner workings of the engine, but breaks down overtime because it gets dirty which is why we suggest an oil and filter service every year or every 15,000 kms.

  • Why is a Brake Fluid Flush Service needed for your vehicle?
    • Brake fluid is an oil that is designed with specific characteristics. It has a very high boiling point and therefore a resistance to vaporize into water. This high boiling point ensures that moisture is not trapped inside the system damaging internal components such as the ABS pump. It is not as compressible as other liquids and will ensure a smooth and safe braking. It maintains a high viscosity or ability to flow, in a wide range of temperatures which is especially important with ABS, traction control and ESP systems.

  • What does a diesel fuel filter do?
    • A clean fuel filter improves the overall efficiency of your vehicle including performance and mileage. By changing your filter you are helping to keep the fuel pump working efficiently,  you are removing contaminants from the system and ensuring your vehicle starts and runs smoothly at all times.

  • Does VW have tire storage?

    Yes, we have tire storage

  • How can I get my tire repaired?

    Did you know that most tires can be repaired if punctured? A simple patch from the inside is an approved method of repair and can often save you hundreds of dollars in tire replacement costs. Visit PVW and leave it to us to repair your tires and your car back on the road!

  • What is a 4-wheel balance service?

    Our wheel and tire balancing service checks the placement of weight around tire and rim assembly to help minimize vibrations and help tires wear evenly. It also helps to maintain vehicle suspension components.

  • Is DSG Transmission Service needed for all cars?
    • Only vehicles with a DSG transmission need this service done. It is serviced in order to remove any impurities in the oil that may have broken down over time and to keep the transmission in top running order.


  • What is your warranty on Parts?

    The majority of our Parts come with a 1 year or 20,000km warranty against material and workmanship defects under normal use and service. Some of our parts can have a warranty of up to 5 years. ( check with parts consultant for details)

  • Do you deliver parts?

    We deliver within the GTA, Durham region and Clarington.

  • Will you ship parts to my house?

    We do provide shipping. Although there is an extra charge for customers outside of our delivery zone.

  • Can you get Audi Parts?

    We can supply you with all Factory VW & Audi parts and Accessories.

  • How long will it take to get my part?

    We carry a lot of common parts for vehicle in stock! If we need to order a part for you usually we can get it here within 1 business day.

  • Can I install  bigger alloy wheels on my volkswagen? 

    You may increase the wheel diameter on many models as long as you keep in mind certain specifications, such as outer tire diameter, ground clearance wheel offset. We can help you select the factory-approved wheel and tire package that is best suited for your vehicle.

  • Does Volkswagen sell any factory-approved performance parts?

    Volkswagen sells specific performance parts for various models. These components include performance exhaust, sport-tuned coil springs, accessory alloy wheels, body kits, spoilers, etc. Please contact our parts department for information on what parts and accessories are available for your vehicle